Leverless Car Tyre Changer - S 1000 Evoluzione

Highly-automatic “Leverless-Touchless” tyre changer with hydraulic drive for rims up to 32” with preselection of rim diameter.

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The S 1000 Evoluzione tyre changer is at the top of its class for being able to safely operate on all types of wheels, without ever coming into contact with the rim. Plus, the synchronized movement of the work tools and the wheel reduces tension on the tyre considerably.
The ever-increasing use of alloy, chrome-plated, and painted rims requires that the rims never be touched, not even with plastic protectors.
The rim is sacred for the new SICE model, and with its avanced technology, there is no risk of even a minor mark.
A great deal of attention has been given to the valve sensors, which are becoming more widespread.
The S 1000 Evoluzione tyre changer satisfies all of the needs of professionals who service wheels.


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