Leverless Car Tyre Changer - S 100 PL

Universal super-automatic tyre changer for rims from 12” to 28".

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Universal super-automatic tyre changer for rims from 12” to 28".
Tyre changer suitable for all car wheels, enables the user to mount and demount any type of tyre currently available on the international markets, from standard to sport tyres, from low profile tyres to special UHP and “run flat”  (WDK Approved).
“LEVER-LESS” (without tyre lever) technology incorporated in the tool head.

Axial mounting turntable allows quick, secure wheel clamping
Handy multipurpose console, comprehensive of all operating controls, for easier “dynamic” bead breaking, independent or simultaneous, of both the tyre beads by means of its telescopic system with double disk.
“lP system” (lncreased Power system): speed rotation of the turntable automatically adjustable
Pneumatic tilting column
Ergonomic wheel lift, supplied as standard, allows easy positioning off all wheels on turntable.

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